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"I enjoy using this app. You have no idea how much this has cost me in terms of having to read in formats instead of hard cover. Keep soaring" (which one is soaring? We are not okada airlines)



"More publishers should try to publish on @Okadabooks. The platform works))"

- @ikeamadi


 "Platforms like @okadabooks are a great way to make books available to younger readers at reasonable prices. #OkadaRideWithMax"

- @maxsiollun


"My account was credited almost instantly, and I was able to buy the book I wanted " how Gowon caused the Nigera-Biafra war" I guess you helped out to credit it, thanks. I will buy " Nzogwu" by obasanjo tomorrow, I just finished reading " common send revolution " by Ben Murray-bruce. Wonderful and insightful articles by the law maker. I must commend you guys for this great app OKADABOOKS, thank you for making these books available to us at the cost of almost nothing. Thanks a lot."

- User16341